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HMS Prince of Wales is a future-defining ship with a forward-thinking spirit. And at her centre are the people who live, work, support and build the spirit of the Royal Navy – the people who protect our nation.

Now you can share in her experience, and benefit from her knowledge and training too.
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HMS Prince of Wales is the vessel
People are its engine

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HMS Prince of Wales provides a cultivating environment for the next generation.

She harbours practicing GPs. Social workers. Air traffic controllers, electrical engineers and chefs. In fact, any role you can think of, you’re likely to find it here.

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Among this network of diverse, multi-faceted teams, you can invest in your future. Whether you’re a business, faith network, school, college or charity.

Nurture your talent. Boost your skills. Build on your leadership abilities. And learn from a global powerhouse.

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A partnership for good

HMS Prince of Wales is affiliated with the city of Bristol.

Why? Because it’s only right that such an awe-inspiring example of strength, achievement, progress, and success be affiliated with our kindred city.

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Where our relationship could take you?

With anexpected 50-year lifespan, any partnership with HMS Prince of Wales will belong-term and invaluable to any business.

  • Be part of the future.
  • Be part of the collective good.
  • Be part of new opportunities.
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When you become a Friend of HMS Prince of Wales, you extend access to our learning, mentorship and friendship for people in less fortunate communities through our ‘one-for-one’ sponsorship programme