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Become a Friend of HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Prince of Wales provides a cultivating environment for the next generation of professionals.

She harbours practicing GPs. Social workers. Air traffic controllers, electrical engineers and chefs. In fact, any role you can think of, you’re likely to find it here.

Among this network of diverse, multi-faceted teams, you can invest in your own business. Nurture the talent of your people. Boost their technical skills. Build on their leadership abilities. And learn from a global powerhouse.

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What’s more, there’s no fee for becoming a friend of HMS Prince of Wales. However, our programme uses any funds raised to provide access to our services and events to people in less fortunate communities. For that reason, we ask for a minimum level of participation in one paid event each year to ensure we can continue to offer benefits for everyone involved.

The more we all give to this partnership, the more you, your company and our communities will benefit.

Become a friend of HMS Prince of Wales

Why become a Friend of HMS Prince of Wales?

As a Friend, you’ll have the opportunity to

  • Attend our events both onboard the ship and around Bristol
  • Participate in our workshops designed to help you, your teams and your business strive for new goals
  • Learn new skills from Royal Navy personnel at every level
  • Form new working relationships and exchange knowledge with our personnel based on one-another’s experiences
  • Build camaraderie – you may even get the chance to beat our crew in a ‘friendly’ Rugby match!
What we are best at
When you become a Friend of HMS Prince of Wales, you extend access to our learning, mentorship and friendship for people in less fortunate communities through our ‘one-for-one’ sponsorship programme

Where could our relationship take you

With an expected 50-year lifespan, any partnership with HMS Prince of Wales will be long-term and invaluable to any business.

Be part of the future.
Be part of the collective good.
Be part of new opportunities.


What will my business gain from becoming a Friend of HMS Prince of Wales?

There’s so much to learn and share in by becoming a Friend of HMS Prince of Wales.

You and your colleagues will be able to attend Royal Navy events, both onboard the ship and around Bristol. These might be EXAMPLES OF EVENTS.

You’ll also be able to participate in our workshops, too. From learning about the value of teamwork and comradery, to leadership and conflict resolution workshops, these sessions are designed to help you, your teams and your business learn new skills and reach new goals.

Plus, for every event you attend, you’re helping to provide access to these same services and events for people in less fortunate circumstances. So we can all share in the education, knowledge and enjoyment HMS Prince of Wales can offer.

What skills can my team learn? I’m not cut out to be a sailor!

The range of roles available at the Royal Navy is wider than you think.

It employs 30,000 people, including from the roles you might expect, like royal marines commando, communications specialist, air traffic controller or weapons engineer.

But there plenty of roles which might surprise you: Biomedical scientist, radiographer, musician, physical trainer, chef. An aircraft carrier vessel is like a city with its own airport, and the opportunities available are just as limitless.

Does HMS Prince of Wales/Royal Navy reflect my business’ commitment to diversity and equal opportunities?

Yes. Forget the image of white men drinking cocoa in duffel coats, The Royal Navy is a diverse 21st century employer.

We encourage diversity of background, race, faith, gender identity and sexual orientation at all levels of our organisation, and we’ve been recognised for its efforts too. In fact, we’ve been listed in:

  • The Times Top 50 Employers of Women
  • The Times Top 100 Employers of Race 2018
  • Stonewall Top 100 Employers 2018 (Position 32)
  • Social Mobility Foundation Top 50 Employers 2018 (42nd Position)
Doesn’t the Royal Navy harm the environment?

No matter whether in home waters or abroad, the Royal Navy takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. Its planners and operators monitor emerging legislation and qualified science to ensure the organisation continues to meet the government’s environmental expectations and those of the countries it visits.

This means the Royal Navy has an ongoing conversation with environmental regulatory bodies, along with regular in-depth consultations on its impact and how to improve it.

Isn’t the Royal Navy/HMS Prince of Wales a device of war?

The primary role of the Royal Navy is defence.

The organisation, along with all its members, is committed to protecting British and international waters from pirates, terrorists and traffickers, and to keeping vital trade moving.

The Royal Navy also plays a critical humanitarian role.

Whether they’re attending a human-made incident, or a natural disaster; whether evacuating citizens or rescuing, aiding and supporting in emergency work; even restoring infrastructure. The Royal Navy has the skills, experience and equipment to make a real difference.

If conflict does happen, it’s only ever as a last resort.